HAIR SPA (120min)

RM 258.00

Biozyme Therapy Hair Spa. Deep relaxation from head to toe, the treatment rejuvenating the hair with its own unique benefits. It relaxes you almost immediately, and leaves your hair looking lustrous and feeling soft. Our hair spa treatments also help reduce the effects of pollution, dirt and sun, while strengthening your hair. Follow by our unique full body massage pampers body, mind and soul. The flowing grip techniques and combinations are from as strong as a waterfall to as gentle as a small stream. Stress and tension are removed, leaving behind positive energy and a relaxed, balanced body. Our hair spa could get rid of most hair and scalp issues by treating your hair to for hair spa sessions. Hair spa treatments are a highly effective solution for these common hair problems: Hair breakage, Thinning hair, Hair fall, Dry and dull hair, Rough hair, Dry and itchy scalp, Slow hair growth, Dandruff, Oily scalp Take time out to let your body rest and re-energize. Our hair spa immerse you in a holistic sense of wellbeing.

This treatment includes the following:
Hair Scalp Care (60min)
- Hair Wash
- Head Acupressure
- Hair Herbs Steaming
- Face Wash
- Face Mask 
- Facial Acupressure
- Back Shoulder Acupressure
Full Body Massage (60min)
- Full Body Hot Stone & Acupressure
- Foot Acupressure

What's Included

  • HAIR SPA (120min) x1

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